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Who is ArmsLink Realty?
Why Should You Chose To Work With An ArmsLink Realty Realtor   Instead of Another Realtor   ?

I'm glad you asked...

We can tell you all about our accomplishments during our long career in Real Estate. We can tell about the hundreds of buyers and property owners we've assisted during our careers. We can tell you about the multitude of classes we've taken and the various licenses we've received.  All other Real Estate Agents can tell you the same thing about themselves. But, these statistics do not tell you who we truly are.  Get to know the person behind the "facts" and you'll know the true people of ArmsLink Realty... and how we are the right choice to be YOUR person when it comes to Real Estate.

Norm Rheaume, REALTOR  

Your Experienced Partner in Real Estate

I am Norm Rheaume (pronounced: ray-OAM) and I am excited to be your personal Real Estate Agent! Let me tell you a little bit about myself...

I am originally from Central Massachusetts, more specifically the Auburn area of the state. I relocated in 2001 because of my love for the beach, sun, and weather that the Grand Strand has to offer. This was one of the best decisions I've made!

Another great decision made was to become a Real Estate Sales Agent.  I love working with people and helping them buy their dream home or sell their property for top dollar. I also enjoy the challenges that come with this exciting profession as well.

One of my all-time best decisions was marrying my lovely wife Carol. She and I have raised 4 amazing daughters, including one of our granddaughters. If all of our 11 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren were here all at once we would definitely have a house full of love and laughter! Carol and I both have also been ordained into the ministry.

I am a US Army Veteran who proudly served 6 years in the National Guard and 2 years in the Army Reserve.  I am honored to be a member of American Legion Post 0178 in Murrells Inlet, SC.

Speaking of proudly serving, for over 30 years I served as an Ice Hockey Official with high school, college, and semi-pro teams. Oh, the things I learned in the military and on the ice that help me in everyday life!

Real Estate was an excellent choice for me as I have a strong business management background and know my way around the obstacle course of unexpected problems and issues. Let me help you navigate the road to your next home purchase or sale with skill and professionalism!  

Mari Armstrong, Broker-in-Charge, REALTOR

I am Mari (pronounced the same as Mary), Armstrong. I am a Murrells Inlet, South Carolina resident who was born and raised right here in this beautiful, amazing state that I dearly love! Would you believe that I am the child of one of the engineers who built I-95 through

South Carolina back in the day"? Yup, I can say I rode my bicycle on that road as a young girl. What fun! 


I have many loves in my life - I love to fly and boat, go fishing and spend as much time as possible on the beach. I have been married for 14 years to Terry, a Buckeye from Toledo, Ohio who is also my biggest supporter and believes I can do anything I set my mind on. We have two precious 4 legged family members that bring us joy daily. We have a daughter and 2 granddaughters who live in Myrtle Beach and 3 sons and their families living in Ohio as well as a son and his family living in North Pole, Alaska.

We have a huge house full of adult kids, grandchildren ranging from 3 to 24 years old and our 3rd great-grandchild is on the way! Really, it's true! My life is full of blessings!

I cherish our church family and spending time helping others in all areas of my life.  I love sea turtles! When I was 4 years old I watched a female sea turtle come to shore and nest one night with my family. I also witnessed several young men harassing her. That was the start of my passion for helping sea turtles! Now, years later, I am a Permit Holder licensed by the Dept of Natural Resources and Co-Coordinator of the Garden City/ Surfside Beach SCUTE  (South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts) team. We rescue and protect sea turtles along our coast year round. 

Last but certainly not least, Real Estate is one of my greatest passions. When someone has previously been denied the chance of home ownership, I will work tirelessly to do everything possible to help their dream become a reality. When a couple needs to sell their home quickly because of unexpected circumstances, I will be there with them every step of the way, all the way to the closing table and beyond.

Why Should You Chose To Work With An ArmsLink Realty Realtor   Instead of Another Agent ?

Through ups and downs, contingencies and inspections, nervous conversations, questions and answers and tears of joy when your goal is obtained - you can count on us to be your advocate, constantly working for your best interest. In our business, at ArmsLink Realty it's all about you!

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